Smart Classroom Solution

Shardatech Smart Classroom

SHARDATECH EDU Equipments India Pvt. Ltd. that provides educational solutions designed to facilitate the evolution of learning and teaching into the next generation.

Digital learning is enhancing traditional educational methods more and more each day. Learning tools and technology enable students to develop effective self-directed learning skills. They are able to identify what they need to learn, find and use online resources, apply the information on the problem at hand, and even evaluate resultant feedback. This increases their efficiency and productivity. In addition to engaging students, digital learning tools and technology sharpen critical thinking skills, which are the basis for the development of analytic reasoning.

A Smart Classroom Solution provides a rich portfolio of interactive K-12 curriculum based technology and services in all subject areas. Based on the modern educational research and established educational practices, it uses the latest and easy-to-use technological framework for an enriching teaching and learning environment.


1) Flexibility in learning

2) Advance teaching & learning experience

3) Access to online resources

4) Pace of growth

5) Repetition

6) Using of different tools.

Key Factores Of Smart Classroom Solution

Optimal Hardware

Comprehensive Content

Innovative Software & Tools

Trustworthy Service & Support

Product Integrated with solution

1) Interactive Board

2) Multimedia Projector

3) Speaker System

4) UPS

5) Smart Locking Cabinet