Digital Language Lab Solution

Digital Language Lab Solution

Language lab Content Software:

English Language Lab is a network based teaching software designed to the teaching environment in the computer labs. Our Language Lab not only facilitates the teaching process but also bring fun and efficiency to learning. It has been greatly used in school, colleges and universities.


1) Is an Audio Visual Content Uses as an aid in Modern Language Teaching.

2) Self Assessment Digital Content

3) Futuristically designed digital language lab.

4) Based on LSRW (Listen/Speak/Read/Write) digital content.

5) Record/Compare/Repeat/Evaluate with original, master accent in audio as well as video format.

Also Available Soft Skill and Personality Development Content, Which Includes.

1) Writing Emails

2) Resume Writing

3) Team Work

4) Group Discussion

5) Communication Skills

6) Time Management

7) Body Language

1) Public Speaking

2) Interview Skills

3) Telephone Etiquette

4) Attitude

5) Leadership

6) Presentation Skills

7) Interpersonal Skills