Seminar Hall & Auditorium Hall Solution

Seminar Hall & Auditorium Hall Solution

Every Institute, Colleges and Schools today need an odvanced and well equipped auditorium/Seminar hall to conduct their annual day function, special assembly gatherings and inter school competitions, Gest lectures, etc.

These auditoriums/Seminar hall need to be furnished with high end state-of-the-art equipment's to conduct interactions across large masses We at "Shardatech" integrate your auditoriums/Seminar hall with large venue presentation facilities, considering its application and audience to ensure every sight and sound in your unique space is brilliant, intelligent, and easy to control Our certified design consultants ensure that the modern auditorium requirements such as latest high definition flat screen displays, projectors, digital audio/Sound reinforcement system, automated lighting, lets you fill up the auditorium/Seminar hall with enthusiasm & excitement from the audience.

We help you create impactful settings to present information, support your events, trainings and more for a large audience in auditoriums, giving your institution the cutting edge technology advantage. Our experienced project management team ensures that the projects are implemented on time with best in class workmanship.

Key factors of Seminar Hall & Auditorium Hall Solution:

1) All audio-visual devices controlled from one place using a control Panel

2) Acoustically designed audio system with voice uplifting helps in transmiting your voice naturally across the auditorium

3) State-of-the-art solutions for an interactive communication session betweern the presenter and the audience

4) Right projection size, lighting condition, Instructor Work area to match size of hall to ensure excellent user experience

5) Equipped with Innovative projection system for presenter